A Look at Sheroes

Photo report – acid attacks survivors in India


A series of pictures for looking beyond the scars.


Part of a series of discussions for raising awareness about women’s dignity around the world and shedding light on an inspiring initiative in India: Sheroes Hangout.



Peace cafes

Discussions for Social Change


Meeting people from all faiths and none for sharing ideas and around delicious home made meals.


Discussing universal issues and finding alternatives with inspiring guests from grassroots charities.



A sTrange Perfume of Jasmine

Full feature film fiction


Faiz, a writer, has been living alone in London since three years since his divorce with Yasmin, with whom he was deeply in love. He has been trying to get over his past, struggling with depression and addictions, working, playing music, meeting friends, connecting to his spirituality, all without success.


Polish Muslims

Film documentary


With no more than 0.1% of the total population, the diversity of Muslims in Poland is thought provoking. Among them, migrants of different nationalities, poles embracing Islam and Tatar families, Polish since the 14th century.

The project is an invitation through photographs and a documentary movie to explore the world of Muslims in Poland but also to question our look on differences. Content available in French, English and Polish.


BusHinengue of French Guiana

Photographic documentary and research.

Descendants of African people who fought for their freedom across French Guiana and Suriname, the BushiNengue – people of the forest – hold a precious cultural treasure but also face severe environmental and social difficulties.

The project questions the dynamics of social, environmental, economic and educational problems on the river Maroni and also emphasises on the destructive process of a modern colonial system in the 21st century.