LIGHT Inc. is a diasporic think/act tank researching and promoting critical, multicultural literacy for building a sustainable social harmony from a decolonial perspective.

LIGHT Inc. was initiated in France in 2008 under the impulse of two research students and a dynamic businessman. Our main goal is to restore and safeguard a humane meaning in hyper-diverse modern societies, and inspire younger generations to be part of the change. We focus on sustainable cooperation with local stakeholders and sharing unique stories of people and initiatives working on the quest of independence from any forms of colonialisms through a celebration of humane dignity in light of cultures and traditions.

Our work includes research, observation, interviews, analysis and the production of written, photographic and film reports, and documentaries, aiming at triggering constructive discussions on major social concerns such as environment, and social justice. We are based in Paris and London with a network of sympathisers from all over the world comprising grassroots activists, community figures, students and people from the academia.